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Welcome to Our Site

This group was started since May 2008 for anyone who want to take a part in our charity programs based on squares crochet/knit. Thank you for all support and prayers for us to make this project real.

In this site we will post all activities that we have made or plan. We will also post all squares and donations that we received so everyone could see and check our progress and also the finished project that we made.

We are still a new baby born right now.

We need your support to make our next steps, some of our plans are:
Make school bags for SD Juara ( Yayasan Rumah Zakat )
Make blankets for babies who lives in orphan home or make scarves for poor old man and woman.

If you are crocheter or knitter, we invite you to join us.

Thank You
For Indonesian language ( untuk bahasa Indonesia ) click :

Baby Blanket Project 2009

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all support. We have finished our school bags projects.

Our project for 2009 is a Baby Blanket.

We hope all of you still support us and please help us with always pray for this project.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Report our Dec activity to Abimatha

Dear all,

Finally we had done it. At Dec 18 our team ( Fenny, Rini, Vivin, Viqa dan Manda) with Loving moms club ( Mrs Gerda as a mod) went to Abimatha to give blankets, hats, baby booties and others to this orphan.

Abimatha had 71 babies and children till yunior school ( 14 babies). All of them weared a red costume, cause it's chrismas. We had a great experience with them. Singing dan playing with them together. It's really a great day for us. Love we could share and meet all of cuties babies and little children.

We gave :

13 blankests

40 hats

20 booties

20 bandana

Others ( soap, vitamin, milk powder, pen, pencils)

Thank you so much for all your kindness. Your support to our group means alot to us. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and hope in the future we could help more. GBU.