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Welcome to Our Site

This group was started since May 2008 for anyone who want to take a part in our charity programs based on squares crochet/knit. Thank you for all support and prayers for us to make this project real.

In this site we will post all activities that we have made or plan. We will also post all squares and donations that we received so everyone could see and check our progress and also the finished project that we made.

We are still a new baby born right now.

We need your support to make our next steps, some of our plans are:
Make school bags for SD Juara ( Yayasan Rumah Zakat )
Make blankets for babies who lives in orphan home or make scarves for poor old man and woman.

If you are crocheter or knitter, we invite you to join us.

Thank You
For Indonesian language ( untuk bahasa Indonesia ) click :

Baby Blanket Project 2009

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all support. We have finished our school bags projects.

Our project for 2009 is a Baby Blanket.

We hope all of you still support us and please help us with always pray for this project.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Squares received

These squares are from Liberty-Lahat. Lovely.. Thank you so much

New Squares Received

On friday we received 9 squares from Ima - Semarang

She sent 3 squares from pattern I
2 squares from pattern II
2 squares from pattern III
2 squares from pattern IV

Like your squares much Ima. Very lovely and colourful. Thank you so much for take a part at our project.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bags and squares received





This bag is from Mbak Anoem - Medan. She made the bag and helped the joining process. Thank you Mbak Anoem, the bag is really nice. So this bag will be the 32th bag for the students of SD Juara.

























And these squares are from Deasy - Palembang. She made 1 body bag that she had joined and 9 more squares of pattern 1. Thank you Deasy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pattern 4 - Bullion Ripple Square

Our new pattern design using bullion stitch and ripple stitch. We can make fancy bag or scarf or blanket from this design. This design is available since few days ago, you can read what our designer said about this design.


If you want to have this pattern, you can join our group and send at least 2 squares to us as exchange of the square pattern. We are waiting for you to join our group.


Lets dancing with our fingers again ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Updates and Squares Received

Sorry if we do not post much recently. We have a few news update about our group. Right now, we have 4 persons who in charge to join the squares, and it seems everyone will start to get busy to join the squares since everyone received some squares from members.


The new joining contributors are Rini and Amanda, both are from Jakarta. So right now, we have 2 people in Bandung and 2 people in Jakarta. For our members who live in Jakarta, you can send your square more easy now. And we would like to thank for Rini and Amanda who are willing to help this group joining the squares.


The other updates are, right now the pattern for the big squares and how to make vertical joining. Thanks to our designer Thata Pang who prepare the pattern for the bag and how to join it. So if any of you want to help us making the school bags for SD Juara, you are welcome to join us.


And here are the squares that we received recently


Amanda received 6 squares of pattern 1 from Teti


Rini received 6 squares of pattern 1 from Natalie



Katrin received 4 big squares from Meiche and 2 squares of pattern 2 from Villi


And Fenny received many squares from Hesti and our designer (Thata Pang)

Hesthi sent 2 big squares for bag, and 4 squares of pattern 3

And mbak Thata sent 7 big squares for making school bags and 2 big squares that she joined already as body bag (only need to add the lining and the strap).


Thank you for everyone who sent the squares. We are waiting for more squares to join, to make the school bags for students of SD Juara.