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Welcome to Our Site

This group was started since May 2008 for anyone who want to take a part in our charity programs based on squares crochet/knit. Thank you for all support and prayers for us to make this project real.

In this site we will post all activities that we have made or plan. We will also post all squares and donations that we received so everyone could see and check our progress and also the finished project that we made.

We are still a new baby born right now.

We need your support to make our next steps, some of our plans are:
Make school bags for SD Juara ( Yayasan Rumah Zakat )
Make blankets for babies who lives in orphan home or make scarves for poor old man and woman.

If you are crocheter or knitter, we invite you to join us.

Thank You
For Indonesian language ( untuk bahasa Indonesia ) click :

Baby Blanket Project 2009

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all support. We have finished our school bags projects.

Our project for 2009 is a Baby Blanket.

We hope all of you still support us and please help us with always pray for this project.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Donations Received and Progress on School Bag Project

Here are a few updates on our urgent school bag project.

  • Mbak Thata has made 1 bag from  modification of pattern 1, she also made some other big squares which she modified from patttern 1. 
  • We received more squares from Arleen - Jakarta. She made 2 squares from pattern 2, and 2 big squares which she modified from pattern 1.
  • We received some other donations such as 6 balls of yarns from Rika (Rp 60.000), and money to buy about 9 balls of yarns from Mas Gogon (Rp.90.000). Both Rika and Mas Gogon are Amanda's friend who wants to participate on our project but cannot do crochet or knitting. Right now Amanda also working on the 6 balls of yarn to make more squares. The rest of the yarn will be used for joining the squares. Recently our yarn coordinators using their own yarn to join the squares as their donations.
  • We received 12 balls of yarn from Surabaya but the sender wants to be anonym.
  • We received one roll of bag strap from Mbak Fenny. We need the bag strap to make sure the bag can carry more books and also to accelerate the finishing products . One pack of bag strap is around (Rp. 45.000)
  • We received donations to buy 60 strap fasteners (Rp 60.000), we also bought 120 ring and also 60 zipper for the bag but right now we use the money from one of us. The zipper price is Rp 1.000 per piece and the for 120 ring (60 pairs) we spent Rp 60.000. If you want to donate money to pay our member's money back, we are very thankful to you.

Currently some of our members are working on more bigger squares (modification from pattern 1), but still, we are short of number. We are invite you to join us on making squares, joining the squares and make it as bag, or even make bags from the squares and we only need to add the straps. This project will be finish on the end of July 2008, so we only have a few more weeks left.


Thank you for Mbak Thata, Arleen, Rika, Mas Gogon, Amanda and Mbak Fenny with your support. Let's work together on this charity project. Let's do it with empathy not only sympathy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Urgent Project

There is a new education system in our country. Now, we have some elementary schools (we called it Sekolah Dasar) where anyone can be a student for "free". Our government arrange this to make all of Indonesian children could have a basic knowledge.

In this school the teachers are social workers. They teach for free. They're great people who want to take a part with our education system. We really appreciate what they did.

We know one of this this school from one of our friend (Lenny) who has taught a "yubiami class". It's a success project. They really excited with this new craft. Easy to make but could make the children creative. They can make their toys for themselves.

Lenny has shared her story with us and it make us want to do something. We want to make "a surprise gift " for all students in this school. They're our next generation. We want to motivate them to reach their dreams, don't give up easily. Doesn't matter who you're if you have a dream you can reach it.

Right now, like many elementary students in general, they need a school bag, pencils, books, etc. We think with your support .. we could make an "express" project together... a little surprise for them... Make a shoulder bag for each of them.

We'll joint 8 squares together to make one bag. We need many people to make squares and join them too. This school has 65 students. So we need about 520 squares.

We have received some squares right now. We plan to make baby blankets in our next project. But with this extra ordinary case.. please be understand... we'll use your squares for this bag project first.

We still need many squares.. We really appreciate if you want to take a part in this project. Make some squares or joining them. We wait for all of you in our yahoo groups.

We'll post the report if we has given all the bags to them and take some pictures.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions regarding how to join and what to do first to join this group and also how to take a part in this charity if they cannot do crochet. We try to make a post to answer the frequently asked questions.


1. Q: I can do crochet and knitting, how to take a part in this group?
  A: You can join our mailing list
2. Q: I want to take a part but I cannot do crochet or knitting, do you receive other donations?
  A: We are very appreciate any kind of donations, we need yarn to join all the squares, and sometimes we also need to buy accessories for the products from squares, for example for the school bags project, we need to buy the strap.
3. Q: If I want to donate money, where can I transfer the money?
  A: If you are live in Indonesia you can transfer to Craft And Me BCA Account no 6070308311 on behalf of Rini cab, Bina Mulia Kuningan. If you are not from Indonesia, you can send through Paypal. Please contact us and we'll give you our Paypal number.
4. Q: I already join the group, where can I get the pattern?
  A: First, please fill in the database contributors. Choose one pattern at a time. You can choose another pattern after you send 2 squares to us. Then, you can download the pattern from the files section in our yahoogroups, and wait until the password is sent to you.
5. Q: I already received the pattern and the password, when is the deadline to send the squares?
  A: Unless we have urgent project, we don't have any deadline. But we will really appreciate if you send the squares as soon as possible after you received the password.
6. Q: Can I send more than 2 squares per pattern?
  A: We are always welcome if you are willing to send more than 2 squares. If you want to send more than 1 times also okay.
7. Q: What kind of yarn/thread do I need to make the square?
  A: It is  up to you. Cotton thread or baby yarn is okay. Because our main project is blanket, just make sure you do not use the type of yarn that make feels itchy when someone use the blanket :) .
8. Q: I already made the square, but the size is not the same as instructed in the pattern, is it okay to send them?
  A: It's okay, we still can arrange the squares with different sizes. But if you can make the size as instructed in the pattern, it will make easier for us in the joining process.



We will update this F.A.Q when there are more questions need answers. We hope this could help to answers your questions too.

New Squares Received from Arleen

These are the squares that we received today. Arleen from Jakarta made these squares. She made 4 squares for pattern 1. The first one uses plain pink and plain green cotton thread. The second one uses plain white and mix purple cotton thread. The third one uses mix orange and mix purple cotton thread. The fourth one uses glitter pink and black synthetic thread. Every square looks "different" and "beautiful". Thank you for the squares Arleen. We hope you'll join us in our next pattern and also in our "urgent project".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Squares Received

Today we received these 4 squares from Nur Indah Astuti. Thank you Nur, we really appreciate these squares. We hope you will join us in our school bags project also.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The 4th Scarf from Squares

Today Katrin finished joining this scarf, which means this is the 4th scarf that is joined from the squares that we received.  So far from the squares we've received, we can made 4 scarves. Thanks to Mbak Fenny and Katrin who participate to joining the squares into beautiful scarves.

The rest of the squares that we've received has different sizes so we decide to use them when we join squares into blankets. Right now we still waiting for some of the squares that already sent from our contributors but still on the way to joining squares coordinators.


Thank you for all participants.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Scarf from Squares

This is another scarf made from squares joined by Mbak Fenny. She used different color and joining techniques from the first one. Now mbak Fenny already made 2 squares. Thank you mbak Fenny, you make the scarf looks unique and beautiful.


We are running out of squares to join now. We are waiting for your squares to make baby blankets. Don't forget to visit our site next week, the 3rd pattern will be released soon.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Squares from Nita - Surabaya

Today we received 8 squares from Nita - Surabaya. She made 4 squares from pattern 1 and 4 squares from pattern 2.



Our plan is, these squares will we use in the blanket project. Thank you very much for your participation Nita. We hope you are still join us in our next pattern.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Charity in Progress

second scarf Recently, we are in process of joining the squares that we've received into scarves. Until now, we can made 4 scarves. One scarf is already finished (joined by Fenny).  One scarf is almost finished, just need to add fringe (joined by Katrin, see picture). And 2 more scarves are still on joining process. All of the scarves are made using square pattern 1.


We are still waiting more squares to come from our members. Our next plan is, we will make baby blankets from the next squares that we'll receive. We will join the squares from pattern 1, pattern 2 and pattern 3 (coming soon) together as baby blankets. Visit mbak thata's blog if you want to take a look at our next pattern design.


We need more squares to make the blankets, as we know blankets need more squares than scarves. So we need more participants to make our plan come true. Yes we need all of you who are willing to spend some time to make 2 or more squares with your leftover yarn.


In order to help the members in Indonesia who eager to make the squares but have difficulties reading the pattern, we are providing chat conference via Yahoo Messenger to guide members to understands the pattern. Our moderators will facilitate this chat conference. Others members who wants to help are also welcome to join the conference, our pattern's designer will be there too if she is online. Details about whereabouts and when the Chat conference will be discussed in our mailing list (Indonesian Language).

New Squares Received (Pattern 1)

Here are the new squares (pattern 1) that are mbak Fenny (one of our square coordinators) received today.


These 2 squares are from Rina Bambang - Jakarta.

These 4 squares are from Mbak Yenny - Bandung.


And this square is another square from mbak Fenny herself. She is using more than 2 colors to made the square. It's looks different from other squares, but actually it's from the same pattern. For anyone who still not finished the square yet, you can use her idea too to make the squares looks more beautiful.


Thank you Rina Bambang, Mbak Yenny and mbak Fenny, We really appreciate the squares :).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1st Scarf from Squares


So sorry maybe we're not informing all of you, that our first project is having a little bit of change from our plan. Because the number of squares that we received is not yet enough to make many blankets, we decided to make scarves for old ladies and gents who don't have relatives and live in our government's social home care. Rainy season is coming, They will need scarves for this season.


This is the first scarf, it's beautiful and we cannot wait to show it to you all.


Message from Fenny, one of the coordinator to join the squares into finished product:

Dear all,

Finally this is our first scarf. I joined this scarf using 9 of charity squares from the 1st pattern.


It looks nice right? I used Indonesia Cotton Thread (ICT) dark brown to make the border and joining this scarf.


Thank you to all  of you who has sent the squares... the other squares.. are still working in progress.... hope it would be finish soon..


thank you,



Now we are still in joining process of all of squares that we received. We need more squares for this projects. If you want to make another square for us.. we really appreciate it. We hope all of you could understand about this. Thank you so much for take a part of our charity project.


We wish, this is just the beginning and since we don't make deadline for the squares,. If you already sent 2 or more squares but still want to send more squares, we always welcome and really appreciate it.