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Welcome to Our Site

This group was started since May 2008 for anyone who want to take a part in our charity programs based on squares crochet/knit. Thank you for all support and prayers for us to make this project real.

In this site we will post all activities that we have made or plan. We will also post all squares and donations that we received so everyone could see and check our progress and also the finished project that we made.

We are still a new baby born right now.

We need your support to make our next steps, some of our plans are:
Make school bags for SD Juara ( Yayasan Rumah Zakat )
Make blankets for babies who lives in orphan home or make scarves for poor old man and woman.

If you are crocheter or knitter, we invite you to join us.

Thank You
For Indonesian language ( untuk bahasa Indonesia ) click :

Baby Blanket Project 2009

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all support. We have finished our school bags projects.

Our project for 2009 is a Baby Blanket.

We hope all of you still support us and please help us with always pray for this project.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pencil case for sd juara

Da..da... finished 5 pencil cases. These pencil cases are made for Juara Elementery School (SD Juara) at first grade.. and all of them will be deliver on Feb 15, 2009. We still wait for another pencil cases, cause we needed about 25 pencil cases.. We have help from Indonesian crocheters who has joining in FDWL group and DC Group. They still dancing their finger right now. So wait for 25 pencil cases..display here.. Cuties.. and candy eyes..:)

School bag no 63-78 finish

These are the last project finished for our School bag. All of them will be deliver to Juara Elementary School ( SD Juara ) on Feb 15, 2009.

This is our last post for our first Project "School bags".

We really appreciate for all support and thank so much again for taking part in this project.

Your squares are mean alot to us. Without your squres we're nothing.

Special thanks from Thata to :
Fenny, Katrin, Rini, Amanda who has effort to joint all these bags. And make this project done.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Three body bag joining by katrin

This three body bag are joining by our coordinator joining square.. miss katrin

thank you for your body bag..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pencil Case for SD Juara

Finally we can finish our school bags projects. Thank you so much for all supports that you have been given to us. We will give these bags at mid Pebruary ( still contact Rumah Zakat for a fix date).

Last year, we only knew that SD Juara start from grade 2. But now, SD Juara start from grade 1. We decided to give a small gift for grade 1 too. We want to give a little surprise and support to them. So we ask to our group (FWDL and DC) about this project. Ooo.. surprise... Many of our member want to take a part and help us to realize make 25 pencil cases. These picture is only a sample of it. We will take all pencil cases pictures later.
And the second surprise.... our member generously added ballpoints, erasers, rulers, pencils, and note books. We decided to give these things not only for grade 1 but for all students at SD Juara 70 students. We have some kindly donatur for these things.
Thanks God for all of these thing happen.

Friday, January 16, 2009

6 body bag joining by rini

Today We receive 6 bodies bag joining by rini. These bodies bag still need a finishing touch to be real a school bag :)

Just wait and see when these bags has been finished from make over :)

Thank you so much Rin

Saturday, January 10, 2009

6 body bag joining by amanda

These are 6 bodies bag joining by Amanda , Jakarta.
Fenny will finishing all of these bags.. added with strap, put on zipper and lining..

What do you think? Are they look great and colourful. We like them all much.

Thank you amanda for help us to joining these bags.

Square receive

on jan 8, 2009 received 18 square from vivin, jakarta
there is :
16 granny square
1 square from pattern I
1 square from pattern II

thank you vivin for your square

Another bag finish

This is another bag finish for sd juara...
wait and see our bags....